Get Your Guy to Dress Better

Whether your guy is a too-ambitious trendsetter, or just straight up doesn’t care, there’s a way that you can help him out with his look on the sly. Personal style should be fun! Once he sees that for himself, he’ll be good to go. Here are 5 ways to get him on the right track. 

Don’t try to change him. Save yourself the frustration and embarrassment. After all, it’s only style we’re talking about here, not the fabric of his identity. What you want to try and do is create an open, accepting and encouraging dialogue. If you’re reading this, chances are you care about your own style and he’s probably noticed that. Make style something you talk openly and casually about. Ask him his opinion about your clothing choices, and try to understand where he’s coming from.

Positive reinforcement. It’s important to let him know what he’s doing right. This is encouraging and it will point him in the right direction. If you love it when he puts gel in his hair, tell him. Words like hot and sexy will definitely ensure that he does more of what you like. Be genuine when choosing your words.

Buy him pieces. The easiest way to beef up his wardrobe for the better is to get in there yourself. Buying him a shirt or accessory is a nice gesture and doesn’t necessarily send imply that you don’t like what he’s wearing. Be careful not to step over the line though. If you deviate too much from his style, he won’t wear it, or worse, guess that you’re trying to change him. If he’s a take-charge of his own situation kind of man, then say “I would love to buy this for you, would you let me?” when you’re out and about together. 

Comment on other men’s style. This will appeal to his jealous side and give him an example to go by. When you comment, be specific. Say “I love that guy’s shoes. He really makes it work. I think you’d look awesome in a pair like that.” 

Introduce him to the world of shopping. If he hates clothes shopping altogether, don’t drag him. But you can try to introduce him to a style of shopping that inspires him. Maybe it’s hunting Ebay for vintage treasures, checking out a cool vintage store near you that specializes in men’s fashion, or picking up a catalogue for him in your travels. It’s all about sparking the desire.

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