7 Highlights From Real Housewives of Toronto: Episode 2

Welcome to week two of the Real Housewives of Toronto and another episode of bubbly drinks and stylish ladies to observe. The show trended in Canada on Twitter this time around, highlighting its growing interest as well as our beloved city.

Here’s what happened.

1. The procedure party of last week is still a hot topic, one that is discussed by each of the ladies. Joan lets it be known that she actually found the visuals intriguing to watch–a live rhinoplasty isn’t something even she sees on the regular.

2. Roxy and our favourite assistant Elise are talking outfits and fun times and Roxy abruptly declares she’s throwing “Roxy Fabulous Party” like tomorrow. The “Roxy Fabulous” party is all about leaving the husbands at home and ravaging in tequila, lots of tequila. After a couple of smiles and cheers, the party planning begins, but not before Roxy is seen bragging about her special smoothies that come with healthy essentials and beauty mixers. Nothing wrong with a little product placement, right?

3. Kara and her husband are soon seen being affectionate on date night. Kara still can’t stop talking about the “face hickey” chatter that played out at the procedure party last week. Luckily, she doesn’t go on for too long and her husband quietly tells her to “not make a problem when there isn’t a problem.” Wise advice.  The couple start kissing, which was kinda awkward to watch since two adults became smooching mannequins for 10 seconds (the amount of time they hold their kiss with one another), but hey they love each other and that’s all that matters.

4. Roxy lets her admiration for Ann be known and the two meet up for lunch, a perfect setting for Roxy to invite her new girl crush to the tequila party. The banter soon directs to, you guessed it, Kara and her face hickey. Hopefully after this episode the face hickey discussion will be put to bed, finally.

5. Joan ends up inviting Grego and Roxy to her divine, luxurious, immaculate, glamorous…you get the point, hotel, which immediately grabs Roxy’s attention, and ours too. Another moment of admiration for Joan and her life.

6. We see a brief scan of Jana and her joga lessons, complete with “namaste bitches” jargon. Shifting to less tranquil communication, Roxy and Kara end up talking MORE about the face hickey and how Kara is upset that Roxy shared too much, but Roxy isn’t just letting Kara get the blows in, she makes sure to get her two cents into the mix. Kara also makes a random reference to being a “corporate wife” and what that exactly means is anyone’s guess, but Kara’s cool with coining the term.

7. Finally the big party has arrived and the ladies are seen in their fresh outfits, Ann and Jana choosing to go commando, and Roxy donning a stunning floral Cavalli dress.”The Roxy” cocktails are being poured and passed around and after a steady flow of booze the ladies partake in more banter about, SURPRISE–Kara. Gossip and Kara are certainly a theme in the show. There’s also some relationship talk with Jana giving brief intel into her past relationship. Grego consoles and shows her caring eyes and support to Jana, giving us a tender moment indeed.

While this week’s soiré©e saw Roxy a the helm of the grandeur event, next week Joan will take the driver’s seat as she gears up to host a Muskoka dock party. Will Kara be attending? Will Gregor tear things up some more? Will Roxy and her dog make more runway-ready cameos? Will we finally go without mention of the 2002 hickey? We’ll be watching.

Until next week, friends.

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