How to Meet People Living in Residence

Living in residence puts you right in the middle of a cool new community. It’s all at your fingertips – floor events, parties and the campus pub. Unfortunately, no matter how many icebreakers you play, making friends with complete strangers is tough. Here are some pointers for meeting people in res and turning them into your new BFF’s.  

Organize a textbook run

Going to the book store and waiting in line for an hour is a lot more fun with a new pal in tow. Ask your roomie or a neighbor if they need to get their textbooks, then do it together.

Join the Facebook groups

Facebook is a great place to start getting into your new community. Find out about clubs on campus, then join the groups and engage in some witty banter with other members. (Plus you can learn more about your potential friends by creeping. We won’t tell.)

Make pals with your floor leader

After all, their job is to help you feel at home. Ask them to let you know when there’s an event they’re going to, and ask if you can come along. They’ll be happy you want to get involved.  

Join intramural sports

Even if you can’t stand dodge ball, promise yourself to come out for one night and if you hate it, don’t go again. But try. It’s not about the sport, really. It’s about acting a fool and having fun. 

Hang at the campus pub

The campus pub is a hub of activity that caters to first years. It’s a great place to go to check out open mic night, trivia or bingo night, so you can bring a crew and avoid awkward conversation. Doing something hilarious is a great ice breaker.

Get into it

Join in the song and dance. Wear the T-shirt. You don’t have to be little miss pep rally, but just put yourself out there and see what happens. Try to say yes to all the social events you can. You never know who you might meet. 


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