How to Invite Romance Into Your Life

Being single over the holidays may make you want to shut yourself up in your apartment with a carton of eggnog and a selection of un-festive movies. As tempting as it is to swear of Christmas when you’re single, denying the season will make your life necessarily hard. It will also drastically decrease your chances of being happy through the joyous month of December. No one’s going to come knocking to wrench you out of your funk (certainly not any prospective lovers), so put down that carton and get into the spirit. If you can’t beat those joyous Christmas couples, join them! Here’s how.

Don’t swear off hanging out with your couple friends. When you’re single around the holidays, hanging out with lovely dovey couples can be, well, a little nauseating. Resist the urge to shun their company entirely. They probably know a handful of singles they’d be more than happy to help you meet. Plus, they’re your friends and it’s the holidays – they need your love too!

Accept out of town event invites. It’s hard to meet new people without stepping out of your routine and regular haunts. Don’t swear off potential suitors just because they live out of town. Hopping on a bus or going on a romantic mini road trip over the holidays can be a super fun way to escape. Plus, people from different cities probably won’t anything about you. You’re both clean slates to each other.

Head to your friends’ work parties. Girlfriend needs a date for a work party? Offer to accompany her. Friend’s work parties offer a crowd to mix and mingle with, and a built in wing woman who has the inside scoop on all of them. Take advantage of it.

In general, don’t get too stressed out. Allowing the holidays to stress you out will make you less likely to go out (you’ll be burnt out), and if you do try to be social you’ll be forcing enthusiasm through exhaustion. Not much fun for anyone.

Don’t let the great expectations get the best of you. Be cheerful and get into the Christmas spirit, but do it on your own terms. Don’t get swept into mall frenzies, forget trying to find the perfect gift and don’t overdo it on the partying.

Volunteer. Giving back to your community around this time of year will not only make you feel great, but you’ll also meet a ton of people doing it. Even if you don’t meet the person of your dreams, you’ll probably make some new pals and give back to your community during a crucial time.

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