Brazen Bachelorette Party Games

We’ve all been to that one bachelorette that was, well, totally lame. But you’re not going to let one of your favorite girls walk down the aisle without one hell of a send off right? Well, these six games are 29Secrets-approved to ensure that definitely happens…


Bachelorette: The Drinking Game

Lay out a number of rules for the evening (ie. everytime someone says the grooms name, everyone drinks), print them out on a card and have everyone follow them for the evening.

Groom Trivia

Ahead of the day, give the groom a bunch of questions (some naughty, some nice) about the bride. At the party, ask the bride each of the questions and see how many she guesses correct. For every wrong answer the bride does a shot. For every right one, everyone else does.

Play Ex-Charades

Throw the names of all bride’s exes (and some of her more notorious hookups and crushes) into a hat and then split up into two teams. Take turns acting them out and see who can guess the most correctly. Losers buy the winners a round of shots at the bar later.

Banana Ring Toss

Buy a cheap ring toss game from your local dollar store (make sure the rings are a decent size) and then instead of the ring stand, have party goers put a banana between their legs and have other guests try to toss their rings on to it. Person with the most rings “laid” wins!

Bar Scavenger Hunt

This is one that really never gets old. Depending on the number of attendees, split up into groups of 4-6 and give each group a list of finds/tasks they must complete at the bar. Points are scored based on then complexity (and embarrassment factor) of the finds/tasks. 

Lingerie Guessing Game

Ask all attendees to buy the bride a pair of sexy panties for her wedding night. Have the bride open each gift without reading the card and then have her guess which guest brought which pair. Everytime she guesses wrong, she drinks. Everytime she guesses right, everyone drinks. 

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