How to Get a Promotion

You want that corner office and you’re ready for a new challenge. You want a job that excites you and also compensates you well. To get a promotion it comes down to being patient and a good team player. To get a spot at the table you need to be good at managing crisis, change and having an entrepreneurial attitude. Here are seven ways that can help get you discovered in your work place and build momentum in your career:

1)      Solve problems: self-promotion is very important, but presenting new ideas, creating a team and having senior members advocate for you is essential to building your personal brand.

2)      Become a ‘go to person’: become indispensible! What is your area of expertise? What is your value to the organization? What is the perspective you can give, that others in the organization might not have thought of? Set yourself apart.

3)      Be passionate: Pursue your work with passion. Seek opportunities to grow and improve your skills. Identity areas in your work and ways for you to contribute in meaningful ways. If you are interested in improving and mastering new skills that help your company grow, you’re a super valuable employee.

4)      Innovate: Take changes, be bold and innovate. Seize opportunities that are given to you and find new ways to grow your role. Good work is rewarded with more work.

5)      Be Positive: Likeability and a positive attitude go hand-in-hand. People at work must want to work with you. Leaders want to choose and mentor individuals who have a strong ability to attract supporters and build a loyal and motivated team. Be helpful, empathetic, take time to show interest in other and help others be successful. A strong leader has a strong team.

6)      Earn Trust: When your boss tells you that they trust you and they give you opportunities to make decisions, then it’s a good time to push for the next step-up. Likeability doesn’t make you trustworthy. Trust is built on being a good communicator, previous performance and your relationships with your coworkers.

7)      Be Loyal: Do you believe in the values and beliefs of the organization? Do you want to build your career in the company? No one wants to invest in someone who is always looking around for something else. Make it known that you want to stick around. Cultural fit and loyalty is critical.

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