How to Get The New Year’s Eve Kiss

You’ve seen it in the movies and on TV: New Year’s Eve, the countdown is on, the ball drops, and you have that perfect moment where you kiss the man of your dreams. 

Though that particular scenario may not always happen in the real world, a midnight kiss is still one of the most exciting parts about New Year’s Eve. For couples, this is romantic moment is pretty much a guarantee. But if you’re single and crushing on a guy, it can be tough (and intimidating!) to make it happen. So what’s a single girl to do?

We spoke to some guys to get some tips on how you can score with your crush on New Year’s Eve.

Well, I think first things first is that you actually need to make sure you are WITH your crush on New Year’s. – Chris, 25

This may seem obvious, but there’s nothing worse than finding out last minute that your crush won’t be at the same event as you on New Year’s. If you’re feeling shy about asking him outright, include him in a group invite.

Cleavage. “ James, 24

Though cleavage on its own might very well score you a New Year’s kiss, what this guy is trying to say is make sure you look hot. Wear a sexy dress that’ll play up your best assets “ whether it’s your girls, your fabulous derrié¨re, or those incredibly toned legs. And don’t forget about accentuating your best facial features! A sexy smoky eye and well-glossed lips (as long as they’re not sticky) will also do the trick.

Communicate that you want to be kissed through body language. Be close to him, look into his eyes, have a slight head tilt, and smile. “ Michael, 23

Body language is one of the most effective ways of showing you’re interested in a guy. In fact, you could already be showing interest without even realizing it! When you’re chatting, make sure to turn your body towards him, to show that he has your complete attention. Flip your hair back to expose your neck, touch his arm as you converse, and show off your dazzling smile! Don’t forget to make eye contact!

Girl tells the guy that she’s going to find the perfect man tonight, and he’s her backup kiss if she doesn’t find him before midnight.

Source: I’ve seen it work.

Source II: I’m the one it worked on. – Kyle, 22

If you fear your sexy outfit, liquid courage, and body language might not do the trick, making a flirtatious deal with your crush will be just as effective. Men are naturally competitive in nature, and he’ll definitely want to make sure that HE’s the “perfect man” you’ll be kissing. 

Don’t ask too much, or [he’ll] find someone else. No one wants desperation on New Years. Men want a classy flirt, not a trashy desperate mess. “ Christian, 23

This guy sums it up perfectly “ keep it sexy and classy, not hoochie and trashy.

Just grab him and do it! – Keith, 21

New Year’s Eve is one of the few times you can be extra bold. Everyone else around you will be kissing, so why shouldn’t you? Grab your crush, catch his eye, flash that killer smile, and give him a kiss he’ll never forget. 

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