Don’t Be the Smug Girlfriend

The best thing about all the mediocre dates you’ve encountered with guys you met online was dishing about them to your single friends on ladies night. Now that you’ve met Mr. Right, how do you manage to not rub it in?

On any given night, you can find a group of single women sitting around a table, sipping cocktails and discussing their most recent series of bad dates. Men who are self-absorbed, cheap, or have no ambition, make for great bonding material, but what happens when one of you actually meets a guy worth bragging about? 

Break it to them gently“ tell your friends about this guy who finally made the cut to second date status. While they’ll be happy for you, they may to proceed with caution and that any guy can be on his best behavior for the first date. That’s what friends are for. After all, they have been there for the entire saga of your dating life: the times you jumped in too quickly, the times you made too many excuses for a deadbeat, and the times you rebounded faster than Justin Timberlake. Don’t get offended if they aren’t signing up to be bridesmaids just yet. 

If this new guy does turn out to be boyfriend material, find a happy medium between rubbing it in and down playing your happiness. For instance, they don’t need to hear how cute you think the message is on his answering machine or what song he was singing in the shower last week. Put yourself in their shoes “ while these little details seem ground breaking to you, your friends will start yawning and keeping one eye on the clock if they are forced to listen to you go on about things that are mundane to everyone else.   

Avoid using the words we and us when it isn’t necessary. There is nothing worse than someone who suddenly goes from being single and completely independent to becoming part of a unit and won’t stop talking about it. You can have things in common with a guy and still be your own person. 

Having said all of this, your real friends will be happy that you met someone special even if their own love lives still seem hopeless. New relationships are fun, and you probably couldn’t wipe the grin off your face even if you tried, so enjoy it!  

Continue to carve out some time in your schedule that is still strictly for the girls. Your friends need to feel like they are still important to you, even though there is a significant other in the picture. While they may still have a slight twinge of jealousy when you mention having a cozy night in, they’ll also catch a ray of hope, knowing that if love can happen to you, it can happen to them too.

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