How to Get Him Involved in the Wedding Planning

Wedding planning doesn’t have to be no-man’s land. I mean both you AND your fiance are getting married after all, which is why you shouldn’t be doing the planning on your own.  But if you find that your fiance is shying away from all the wedding preparations, here are some easy tips that will get him involved:

Talk about the wedding 

Sometimes simply starting a conversation is enough to get your fiance interested in the wedding preparations. Refer to your nuptials as “our wedding” so it subconsciously lets him know that he plays a huge part in making this wedding happen. Starting a conversation is important because it gets him thinking about what he wants the big day to look like. The more excited he gets about it, the more inclined he’ll be to help with the planning.

Talk budget

If talking about your wedding doesn’t get him riled up, talking money sure will. Assuming that you’re both paying for the wedding or getting help from your parents, talking about the budget is crucial. The amount of money you spend on that special day affects you both. So getting him involved will no doubt get him interested in the wedding. It will also give you great insight as to what he’s willing to splurge on and what he can do without on your wedding day.

Play with his strengths 

Take advantage of your future husband’s great skillset.  If he’s good at graphic design, get him to put together your wedding invitations. If he’s good with numbers, get him to make sure the budget is balanced. Or maybe he’s great at DIY projects. If so, think about doing fun DIY wedding favours. Get him to do things he’s good at – his talents could end up saving you a lot of money.

Get him involved in things he’s interested in 

Do you blame him if he doesn’t want to go pick out table linens with you? Of course not, doesn’t scream fun for anyone. But the only way to get him to help you with the boring stuff is to get him out doing the fun stuff too. I’m sure he’d love to tag along to anything food or booze related. Or get him to help out in things that interest him. For example, if he loves music, he can look into finding a DJ or live band for the reception. Cater to his interests and before you know it, he’ll be 100 per cent committed to the wedding planning.

Stop micromanaging AKA don’t be a bridezilla

The reason why some guys don’t seem all too keen about wedding planning is because the bride (that’s you) don’t let him get involved. If you want him to be a part of the planning, you have to be open to his ideas and even compromise on some things. If you shoot down all his suggestions, the less likely he’ll want to help out. Remember ladies, it’s not “my wedding” it’s “our wedding.”

Show appreciation

Wedding planning is incredibly stressful. You plan it for months in advance in hopes that it will be one of the most memorable days of your life. If you notice your beau has stepped up and taken great strides in trying to plan this wedding, don’t forget to show him some appreciation. A little love and affection goes a long way.


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