Holiday Hookups: Why You Should Date (A Lot) During the Holidays

Ladies, listen up. We get it: the holidays to you are a time for holing up on your couch in wooly socks with a cup of tea, watching endless hours of Hugh Grant films (because Love, Actually, are we right?). But we’re here to tell you that you have been gravely misinformed. This is the time of year to be dating. No really. It really is. Here’s why:

There’s no pressure

Nothing is worse that starting to date someone right before the holidays “ you have to panic over the what are we? discussion, worry about whether or not to get them a gift, try and navigate whether they should meet the parents. Dating at the holidays eliminates all of this. In particular because if you’re not really into someone, dropping completely off the radar under the illusion of being busy is really not a big deal.

You might meet “the one”

The holidays tend to bring men out of the woodwork who very well might have been hibernating up until now. Loneliness tends to hit its peak of unenjoyableness at the holidays and guys who might otherwise consider themselves perfectly happy being alone might realize that they need to start putting themselves out there again leading into 2016. This truly is one of the very best times to investigate a whole new pool of eligible men.

The holiday parties

No one wants to show up to their company party solo. The great thing about dating at the holidays is that not only do you have the chance of scoring a really cute date to your party but you might have the chance to attend some really kick a** parties this holidays season. Revel in it, girl!

The romance!

The holidays have the tendency to bring out the romantic in everyone. Nothing screams the perfect date like grabbing a hot chocolate and strapping on a pair of skates with a cute guy for a night you might never forget. Let’s be serious, even the Grinch couldn’t hate this holiday which basically explains why it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Sexy Mrs. Claus lingerie

Need we really say more?

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