Holiday Hookup Guide: Who to Get Under the Mistletoe

Sigh. Another Christmas playing the role of the token single girl. Could it get any worse? Yes, actually, it could! You could choose to be okay with this sad state of affairs and spend the entire holiday drinking alone in your parents basement watching Love Actually on repeat.


You could find a fun holiday hookup! Here’s our guide to who you should and who you shouldn’t be hooking up with this holiday season…

Your brother's bff

We don’t care if this guy is hotter than Channing Tatum, Bradley Cooper, and Ryan Gosling all rolled into one, he is literally like the LAST person you should be sleeping with. No really. Think about how often you see this guy whenever you are home. Too much. And the last thing you need is for every trip home to be super awks. Just avoid this one all together.

Your former fling

Now this is the guy you can hop back into bed with and have zero issues or guilty qualms about it. He was a fling for a reason – you two know that you can jump in and out of bed together, get what you need from one another, and then go on your merry way.

Your former teacher

Hey, you’re legal now and he’s still single (please make sure of this!). And didn’t you and your girlfriends always have this awesome fantasy about being spanked by Mr. You-Know-Who? Well now is your chance girl!

Your ex

NO. Stop. Now. Just turn around and walk away. No really. Walk away. This is the worst “lonely girl” decision you can make at the holidays. Just don’t do it. You’ll thank us later. Go find this guy instead…

The random stranger

Whether you find him in the grocery aisle or you pick him up at the local watering hole, this guy will always be your best bet for . The best part, chances are if you come from a small(ish) town, that someone you know probably knows him and you can totally get the scoop on him post-hookup. That, my friend, is a win.

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