Is He Cheating or Are You Paranoid?

A women’s intuition is often correct, except when we let the crazy seep in. Don’t allow your emotions to cloud your rationale, especially when it comes to cheating in relationships. Read on to discover when to freak out, when to chill out and when to walk out.

Situation A

You arrive at your BF’s house and decide to turn on his computer to check your email. You’re about to sign out of his when you notice a message from a girl’s name you don’t recognize which reads, thanks for last night.

Do: Sign out of his email immediately before curiosity gets the worst of you. Remember, if he was really cheating on you he would be covering his tracks and deleting his secret messages “ not leaving them open on his computer.

Don’t: Read the rest of the email. It could contain more seemingly scandalous sayings that may very well be innocent. It will only stir and lead your imagination to its darkest corners.

Sneaky Tip: Subtly bring her name up in conversation as if he told you about her, even if he didn’t, and look for his reaction. If he denies knowing her at all, it’s time to freak out. If he tells you Robyn is the name of his male boss who he had taken out for dinner, it’s time to chill out. If he admits to seeing another woman, it’s time to walk out.

Situation B

It’s Friday night and he’s out with the boys, or so he says. He tells you he will be home by midnight. It’s 2 am, and you haven’t heard from him.

Do: Trust what he told you. Boys will be boys and sometimes they stay out later than anticipated, like we all do sometimes. Send him a loving and concerned text, Hey, just worried about you and can’t sleep without you beside me.

Don’t: Send him a hateful and crazy text, Hey, jerk store, if you’re not home in 10 minutes your signed Derek Jeter baseball bat is kindling. This will infuriate him, and make him not want to come home all “ except maybe to save his baseball bat.

Sneaky Tip: If you have one of his buddy’s numbers, casually text buddy to say you’re going to sleep and just want to know when to expect your man home, as his phone seems to be off. If buddy replies back with, he’s been passed out on my couch for hours, it’s okay to freak out, as that is totally annoying. If buddy replies back with, sorry, lost track of time, on our way home, it’s time to chill out. If buddy replies back with we didn’t have plans tonight, don’t know where he is, it’s time to walk out. Or at least wait by the door with his baseball bat.

The bottom line is trust. Once that disappears, it’s time to rebuild or rethink your relationship.


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    • Anonymous
    • January 1, 1970
    Interesting very interesting. My boyfriends is always texting, always on his phone and I know it is all related to work. I dont worry about it but I will purchase a baseball, ha ha, thanks.

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