Grandmas Play F*ck, Marry, Kill and It’s Hilarious

When you think about grandmas, you think about sweet little ladies who bake you cookies and give you a dollar when you visit. That’s why it’s especially hilarious when grandmas do bad stuff, like smoking pot for the first time.

Elite Daily has just released an awesome video of a group of grandmas playing F*ck Marry Kill. Basically the way the game works (if you don’t remember playing it in high school) is you choose out of three men who you would marry, murder, or…mate with.

They were given three photos of men in different categories: actors, rappers, presidents, dictators, and serial killers. It’s incredibly entertaining to watch these women drool over the men like a bunch of horny schoolgirls. They mostly only choose who they want to f*ck, tending to ignore the marry and kill options. Just goes to show that just cause you get older doesn’t mean you lose your libido.

It would be surprising enough to hear your own grandmother use such language, especially when talking about sleeping with anyone other than grandpa (and even the thought of that is kind of gross). But the ladies in this video aren’t afraid to say what we’re all thinking.

Here are our 10 favourite quotes that are really freakin’ funny:

  1. Ryan Gosling “ I don’t know anything about his personality but he really is f*ckable.
  2. I think I would f*ck 2 Chainz cause I like his girth. I mean he looks like a big guy, he looks like he could take me good.
  3. We can f*ck for an afternoon and he wouldn’t”with only one eye he won’t see all my flaws.
  4. Ooh, I’m gonna f*ck Justin Bieber and really hurt him!
  5. I definitely have to f*ck [JFK] because everybody else did too, so I wanna see what they’re all talking about.
  6. I think I would f*ck Abraham Lincoln actually. He likes women with big butts, doesn’t he?
  7. Ride that dictator so hard.
  8. No I think that he’s a short little pig with a short little d*ck.
  9. I would say…try to have a one night stand but I would hate to have my body parts in the freezer the next day.
  10. I mean I wouldn’t mind being eaten, but I don’t wanna be killed beforehand.

Watch the whole video below!

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