Foolproof Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

With less than one month left until Christmas, the shopping lists are quickly growing, and as a result, so is the stress. But instead of getting a last minute gift card (unless that’s what somebody really wants), consult our go-to guide for the impossible to shop for. Because while gifts are only supposed to be a part of holiday, most of us can agree that they’re just a lot of fun “ unless you don’t have this list.

Who: The Best Friend

What: Most of you probably figure that picking something up for your best friend should be the easiest stop by far, but for the rest of us? Well, we’re here for a reason. So instead of thinking of clothing, music, a picture frame or candle (don’t you dare), think about what means the most to you about the friendship. Have you always waned to see a play? Do you know if she’s been trying to get into a hobby but hasn’t had the money to start it? This is the time to step in and offer up some quality time. Tickets to a show or a few necessities needed to encourage her extra-curricular dreams will mean much more than just a bottle of wine and the first season of Grey’s Anatomy.

Who: The Boyfriend

What: Again, someone you spend so much time with should apparently be the first person you cross off your list, but if he’s particular in the Rachel Greene sense of the word (we all remember that episode of Friends), you might do best to stay away from the things he likes to buy himself. That said, you don’t need to shell out for a big screen TV or season’s tickets to anything “ but you can interpret some of his favourite things in an accessible way. Is he a sports fan? Look into books about his favourite team. Is he a reader? Subscribe him to his favourite magazine. A film buff? Head to your local antique store and look into old cameras. While they probably won’t work, its uniqueness and aesthetic will be a fantastic conversation piece.

Who: The Parents

What: Find a person who can easily shop for their mom and dad, and this writer will direct you to their expertise. Mom and Dad can be especially tough: not only did they stick with you throughout your teens and poverty-stricken student era, they already seem to have everything. So it’s time to be sentimental: scour those family photo albums and get your favourite professionally framed. Or if you can find old recorded family movies, transfer them to DVD so your Mom and Dad can enjoy crystal-clear pictures. After all, not only can sentimentality be budget-friendly, it’s something that actually lives on.

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