Five Surprising Health Benefits to Masturbation

Newsflash: women masturbate! You got that? Good, moving on then…

We’ve all heard how awesome masturbating is for getting in touch with our sexuality but did you know it also has great health benefits! It’s definitely a win-win because not only does it feel amazing, but you’re doing your body some good too. Not like you need an excuse, but here are five additional reasons why you should be masterbating. For the sake of your health obviously…

Reduces stress and improves mood.
Thanks to the mood-boosting hormones dopamine and epinephrine, every time you give yourself a little lovin’ these hormones are released into the body which help reduce stress and helps elevate your mood. Multiple studies show that women who are sexually satisfied whether through sex or masturbation, tend to be much happier than those who aren’t. So when the going gets tough or you just want to spoil yourself a little bit, take a break and give yourself a couple minutes of ‘me time.’

Naturally helps insomnia and helps you sleep better.
Every girl needs her beauty sleep or a few minutes of relaxation. When you masturbate, up until you climax, your body is constantly releasing dopamine. After you reach the big-o, your body starts releasing relaxing hormones like oxytocin and endorphins. These hormones leave you feeling all warm, tingly and calm – the perfect recipe for a good night’s sleep. So the best time to touch yourself? Right before bedtime!

Helps prevent cervical and urinary tract infections.
Every time a woman gets sexually aroused, her cervix does something called ‘tenting.’ That’s when her cervix stretches open, which encourages fluid circulation in that area. In doing that, the body actually flushes out any unwanted bacteria that might be lingering in there and in return, also helps promote the growth of good bacteria. This helps reduce the chances of getting cervical or urinary tract infections. So bam, another solid reason to pleasure yourself.

Natural pain reliever.
Oxytocin is really a beautiful thing. Not only does it make you feel incredibly relaxed after a personal love session, it doubles as a natural pain reliever. If you masturbate a few days before your period is due, it can relieve menstrual cramps and improve your overall irritability (ahem, bitchiness) during that time. How does that happen? Masturbation increases blood flow, especially in the pelvic region, which will ultimately leave you feeling less sore during your period. Imagine how many Advils you’ll be saving!

Keeps your vagina fit.
Or what medical experts would say: it helps improve pelvic floor strength which pretty much means the same thing. As you recover from your amazing party for one, your pelvic floor is still getting a massive workout. Your pelvic floor lifts off, which increases pelvic muscle tension. What does that mean for you? Makes your vagina tighter which leads to better, stronger orgasms. Now what gal doesn’t want that?

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