Cool Careers We Can’t Believe Exist

You know that awful moment when you’re alarm goes off (for the third time, because you’ve hit snooze twice already) and you know you absolutely have to get up and go to work? It’s terrible right?

But pause for a minute and imagine what your life would be like if you had one of the most totally awesome, unbelievable amazing jobs in the world? Wouldn’t like be great? But those kinds of jobs don’t exist in real life, right?

Wrong. Here’s five jobs that are so insanely incredible even we can’t believe there are actually real.

Duvet Tester

If you’re looking for a great nights sleep, popular UK department store John Lewis might be the best place for you to find it. The reason why? Because they hire a professional duvet tester to ensure that all of their bedding provides the best sleeping experience possible. Yes, that’s correct, someone actually gets paid to sleep in comfy bedding all day long.

Videogame Tester

Don’t deny that there isn’t a few closet female gamers out there in our midst who aren’t drooling at the thought of spending your entire day testing out the newest GTA months before it hits the shelves.  To be noted, the gamer world is a $25 billion dollar industry, so you can imagine what a roll like this pays. Think of that the next time you write off chance to game with your guy.

Water Slide Tester

Yes, it is true. Somewhere out there someone is getting paid to travel the world and make sure that every waterslide out there is doing its “sliders” justice providing an adequate splash and certain level of adrenaline raising. Crazy right? You know what’s even crazier? It is a position that pays about $40,000 a year.

Vacation Tester

Okay, this one officially wins in our books. Many of the hottest tourist destinations all over the world (including places like Hawaii, Bali, Alaska, Barcelona, and Jamaica) actually pay people to take vacations on their lands in order to provide incoming visitors with the best experiences possible. Sounds amazing right? But wait…what does one do during their, well, vacation time then?

Professional Wine Taster

Seriously though…need we say more? 

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