First Date Deal-Breakers

We spend plenty of time here at 29Secrets trying to decipher all the things that we, as fiercely fabulous females, need to do in order to be the perfect first date. We primp and we prime and we act like perfect ladies in order to ensure we score that elusive second date.

And we must say, you are all doing fabulously.

But what about him? What if Prince Charming turns out to be a total toad? When do little bad habit turn into full fledge deal breakers?

This is how¦

1. He’s late
Sure, we get being five minutes late because of traffic or directional issues (since we know that he’d never stop to ask anyway) but if your date is more than 15 minutes late for a first date, just get up and walk out. He won’t be worth your time. Trust.

2. He doesn’t give you 150 percent
He’s sending a text and then he’s getting playful with the waitress and then he’s just checking the score. If a guy isn’t completely and utterly engrossed in every-single-teeny-tiny-thing that comes out of your mouth on the first date, imagine how he’ll be on date five. Skip it. You deserve to be the centre of someone’s world. Not second string to their phone.

3. His hygiene sucks
There are three things that should never be present during a first date: greasy hair, dirty fingernails, and bad breath. If he displays any of the above (or any other tell-a-tale signs that he may not have showered and/or brushed his teeth that day), then skip this dude. We don’t care how hot he is. Ew.

4. He only talks about himself
We get it. You were attracted to him because of his super hot bod and his Christian Grey looks but if this dude sits through your entire date and only talks about himself, take this as a red flag. You’re sitting across from a man who will never love you as much as he loves himself.

5. He gets hammered
If he can’t keep his alcohol consumption under control for one evening he is either a) a frat boy, or b) an alcoholic. Run girl, run!

6. He doesn’t offer to pay
Yes, we know¦it’s the 21st century. But sometimes it is nice to know that chivalry isn’t dead. If he doesn’t at least offer to foot the bill for the first date (whether you let him or not), you are never allowed to call him again. Ever.

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