“Fall” in Love with Your Summer Romance

September has arrived. And with it comes breezes that are less balmy and sunshine that is less, well, sunny. Suddenly our schedules are more hectic and our obligations overflowing and that whirlwind summer romance no longer seems quite so steamy.

What is a girl to do? Does the end of summer really have to mean the end of the best few months of your life with your new beau? No way! And here’s how…

Lida Elias, the CEO of ‘Save My Date‘, provided us with the with some ways to keep the chill from creeping in on your summer romance.

Don’t limit your options!

Just because we’re prepping ourselves for the winter to come, doesn’t mean we have to totally rush summer out completely. According to the Zoosk.com, 28% of Canadians say their best summer move to get the romance going is to plan long weekend activities together and that they will mostly miss the romance of late night strolls, staring up at starry skies, patio hopping, and being active together. And guess what, you can still do all of these things right now. Don’t let the crisper weather keep you from enjoying all these things with your man before the snow brings on hibernation!

Keep warm¦together

One of the best parts of cooler weather? All the excuses you can make to keep warm. “Book a campsite and enjoy roasting marshmallows at the fireside,” says Elias. “The cooler fall air may require a bit more cuddling as the two of you enjoy an evening under the moon and thousands of stars!” Another added bonus? You get to snuggle up in your man’s big sweaters on those cooler night. Win-win!

Stretch out patio season

Just because the intense summer heat is gone doesn’t mean that patio season has to abruptly end.

“Some restaurants will still have their patios open until late September,” says Elias. Noting that even on the cooler fall evenings, many of these patios will have space heaters on to keep you warm. “If this is a favourite activity for you and your partner, stretch out patio season as long as you can before it gets too cold!”

Brave the outdoors

Don’t forget that fall too, can be a very romantic season for a new love. Get outdoors with your man and go walking or hiking or hit up the local apple orchard for an afternoon of apple picking. “You may even find you enjoy spending time together outside even more in the cooler air, when you don’t have to deal with the heat and humidity.”

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