Dating More Than One Guy – Would You? Should You?

There’s nothing wrong with dating more than one guy, provided each guy involved knows that you are playing the field. If you are dating multiple guys and each thinks he is the only one, that’s not so good. Dating a few guys at the same time can make good sense “ you didn’t just apply to one college, did you?  After all, you’re just dating them, not marrying them. So let’s consider “ would you? Should you?

Would you?
You may be saying, of course I would. Or you might be thinking “ no way. (Or you might be thinking, I have trouble finding ONE guy I want to date, never mind multiples. Never fear, you’ll find him. Or them.) But whether you would or wouldn’t date more than one guy is a completely personal choice. Some women say no way, some say yes way, and some say they wouldn’t know until they found themselves in such a position.

If you’re a one guy girl
Dating multiple guys may not be for you, and if you know this in your heart, then you know it. Remember, it’s a personal choice. If you decide this is something you want to do, set some parameters for yourself (as in, I’ll date three guys or more, but draw the line at eight.) And juggling multiple guys is going to take a little planning. You don’t want to get your guys mixed up.

Now, how about should you? 
If you’re going to date a lot, it’s only fair to be open about  But let them know. Would you want to find out the guy you are dating is dating multiple women and you didn’t know about it? You don’t have to tell him on your first date “ hey, just so you know, you’re not the only one. You do want to see him again, right? But you can find an easier, gentler way to let him know you play the field. You don’t have to tell him until after a few dates, though, maybe when you reach that crucial point where the relationship becomes exclusive or it doesn’t.

Communication is key.
Some guys will think this is great, some will take it as a license to run around behind your back, some will be hurt and/or lose interest in dating you. Just be open and honest and he, um, they, will do the same. And please, when each of your multiple relationships begins to involves sex, use protection, for everyone’s sake.

So go ahead and play this dating game “ and may the best guy win!



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