Healing Herbs

While it’s seemingly easier to pop pills and mask discomfort for sake of convenience, natural remedies such as herbs and Eastern medicines are becoming increasingly available, allowing symptoms to subside with chemical-free alternatives. Here are five all-natural cures for what ails you.

The problem: you’ve just eaten a big meal and your stomach is unsettled
The cure:
ginger and fresh mint

There’s a reason your mom gave you ginger ale when you had the stomach flu, and it’s not just because it’s relatively inoffensive.  Ginger is renowned for aiding in digestion, and works to settle your stomach and keep all things calm.  The same story goes for fresh mint and peppermint tea “ the herb has been renowned as a stomach aid for centuries, and works to calm your stomach and keep digestion in check.  And you thought the mints that came at the end of the meal were just for fun!

The problem: You’re totally wound-up after a stressful week and can’t fall asleep
The cure:

A renowned relaxant, chamomile works to calm the nervous system, easing muscle aches and assisting in sleep as a result of its anti-oxidants and natural properties. A cumulative herb, chamomile works best when taken on a regular basis (usually drank through tea) and can also assist in combating depression and anxiety (though don’t abandon prescribed medications without consulting your physician).

The problem: you’re suffering from seasonal allergies
The cure:

Not only a deterrent for vampires and potential kissing partners, allergens, germs and toxins flee at the presence of garlic “ a renowned immune-booster and energy increaser. By stimulating the body’s immunity, toxins and allergens are cast away and bacteria is fought off, allowing symptoms to subside without dropping a fortune on over-the-counter allergy medications.

The problem: the flu’s going around, and you’d like to ward off germs
The cure:

Boasting strong antibacterial qualities, oregano works similarly to garlic in the way of boosting immunity and increasing energy, thus warding off colds and flu. 

As a result of the oils it contains, its antibacterial properties are upstaged only by its antioxidant ingredients, having been shown to have over 42 times the antioxidant activity than apples “ thus key not only fighting sickness, but potentially preventing cancer.

The problem: you’re trying to boost your metabolism in the wake of a new diet plan
The cure:
green tea

The magical herb, green tea leaves work to boost immunity and speed up the metabolism, leading to better digestion and assisting in weight loss. While it won’t combat unhealthy eating habits or lack of exercise, combined with a good diet, the properties of green tea will help you not only to digest food properly, but to shed those couple extra pounds.


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