How to Win Over Your Boyfriend’s Friends

Meeting your man’s friends is a milestone in your relationship. Congrats! You should feel confident knowing that he obviously thinks you’re worthy of meeting his buddies and that he totally wants to show you off. But as awesome a sign as this is, it’s also crazy nerve wracking. Don’t freak out. Read these tips before you prepare for the big meeting. Then on a killer outfit and clear your mind. Trust that they’ll totally love you.

Keep in mind that, chances are if your boyfriend likes you so much, his friends will too. Friends are friends because they like the same things. People included.

Go with the flow. Get involved in whatever is happening. Flip cup tournament? Play. Spontaneous dance party? Go for it. You’ll have more fun when you get involved in the festivities, and having a distraction always makes it a little easier to talk to people, and they’ll think you’re fun.

Find a buddy. Find one person in the crew that you get along with / feel comfortable talking to and let him or her be your secret wing man. Through this person, you can more easily get in on other people’s conversations happening around you.

Don’t take it too seriously. It’s not the end of the world if you have an awkward interaction with one or even a few of his friends. When in doubt, laugh at yourself. If they try to deliberately make you feel uncomfortable, (grill you on your intentions with their best man, etc.) that’s a good sign “ they wouldn’t tease you if they didn’t like you. Don’t think about it too much. Just laugh.

Be honest with your partner if you’re super nervous. This will take some of the pressure off. He may not even know how you’re feeling, after all. If worst comes to worst, you can pull him aside discretely and tell him you’re freaking out inside. You’re not in this alone – he wants you to feel comfortable, above all else. He just wants you to be comfortable and happy and he wants you to get along with his friends.

Don’t criticize your man to his friends. Even if you’re joking around, this could be taken seriously and then things could get awkward. It’s best to steer clear of talking too much about your relationship in the first few meeting with his friends. After all, they don’t know your humour yet and you don’t know theirs.

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