Dad, You’re the Best!

When I think of my dad I can’t help but smile. His optimism, cheerfulness and non-stop jokes are what causes that instant grin on my face. My dad’s obsession with keeping on top of the news is where my passion for journalism comes from. There isn’t a single thing happening in the world or pop culture that he doesn’t know about. He’ll know a breaking Kim Kardashian story before it hits my editor’s desk, and that’s impressive for anyone over 60. There are countless reasons why I think my dad is the best and I am sure you can name many about your dad as well. I reached out to our writers and asked if they’d share with us why their dad rules for a special Father’s Day tribute. Keep reading to find out why these ladies’ dads are the best!

My dad is truly one in a million ” there’s three of us girls all within a year apart in age and he has been endlessly patient and loving to us through everything. From replacing lost lipsticks to helping us move countless times to countless places (condos from here to Australia and back!), there’s nothing my dad doesn’t do to make us know he’s there for us in every way. Putting up with everything from tears over boys to fights over clothes, our dad taught us all that life is short and to be enjoyed with a strong sense of family; work hard for what you believe in, and reward yourself by surrounding yourselves with loved ones (and supremely high quality vodka) at day’s end. – Aimé©e Brothman

My dad instilled a love of movies in me at a very young age. From watching the classics like The Godfather and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels to every new release that came out, weekends spent with him were filled with movie picks and competitive games of Monopoly (with breaks for Leaf games, of course). He passed away a few years ago, but when one of our favourite movies is on TV, I can’t help but stop and watch and then proceed to quote the entire thing in any conversation possible. “Why is the cork on the fork?” – Ashley Kowalewski

First of all, let me start off by saying that my dad is pretty much the most awesome guy ever. So when it comes to finding a guy who will ever fill his shoes, the odds weren’t in my favour. Two years ago I was at my lowest point in the dating game when I discovered that the boy I had been dating off and on for a year had also been dating someone else as well. I was crushed. Then, if this wasn’t bad enough, the very next day my ex-boyfriend arrived on my doorstep from Australia begging me to take him back and when I told him I couldn’t, he informed me he had no where else to go for two weeks. Turning up on my parents doorstep, heartbroken and with my ex in tow, I attempted to put on a brave face. I attempted to maintain my composure by quietly setting the table for dinner, away from everyone else. That was when my dad walked in, took one look at me, and pulled me in to the most perfect dad hug of all time. “It’ll be okay”, he told me. And you know what? He was right. He has always been right. – Caitlin O’Hanlon

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