Best Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, so it’s time to start thinking of the best Valentine’s gift ideas for your boyfriend. Anybody can pick up cologne or a t-shirt (especially if they’ve seemed foolproof before), but the key to the best Valentine’s gift ideas for your boyfriend lie in originatliy. That’s why we’re here to help you out.

1. For the film-watcher
No, we’re not just referring to spending a night in with his choice of movie. The best Valentine’s gift ideas for your boyfriend are about creating memories, so instead of just handing him the remote and/or Netflix password, find an old school popcorn-maker (you can usually pick one up for about ten dollars), a bag of kernels, a gift card to iTunes, and two movie passes to whatever he’d like. That way, you’re giving him two presents: one, an evening of food eating and film-watching, the second, a classic date night.

2. For the reader
Reading helps gifting exponentially, so if you’re looking to find the best Valentine’s gift ideas for your boyfriend, pick up an e-reader and a few downloads to his favourite books. However, not everyone wants a Kindle: if your boyfriend’s partial to the tried-and-true reading method, subscribe him to his favourite magazine and give him a gift certificate to his number one bookstore. Contrary to popular belief, gift cards don’t have to be impersonal. Thanks to the magazine subscription, you’re showing him that you pay attention to what he’s interested in, and respect his taste enough to let him pick out his own book.

3. For the clotheshorse
Tricky, yes. But you can still come up with the best Valentine’s gift ideas for your boyfriend even if he’s more particular about his wardrobe than you are. Adopt the famous Parks and Recreation line and treat yourself (or himself, more specifically), and print photos off of potential purchases of the store’s official site. Then, give him a choice: that way, he’ll have a hand in choosing his new favourite clothing item, and you can pat yourself on the back for having the best Valentine’s gift idea for your boyfriend.

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