Making Time For Everyone

When you are in a committed, loving relationship or even a new, fun fling that seems promising, it is easy to get carried away. Spending every night with your man is great, until your neglected friends come a knockin’. It is hard to keep everyone satisfied and most of the time, someone is going to be left out. Your girlfriends are important to you and have been there for you through thick and thin, and that’s important to hold onto. But, we all know that that one special guy can give you the love that nobody else can, and it is hard to not want it all the time. You can divide your time and keep everyone happy, including yourself!

Plan ahead
You are just as busy as the next girl, and so are your friends! When one complains they haven’t seen you in ages, make a date right then and there. If they cancel on you, it’s not your fault. Keep a day planner or reminders in your phone to keep up with all your lunch and coffee dates. If you can, make a plan once a month to get together with a group of your closest girlfriends. After spending the day together you will feel back in each other’s lives and more in tune. The same goes for your guy; plan date nights, and sleepovers, to get in extra quality time. Little routines and rituals that have been made can be broken, and just rescheduled for another night.

Make the most of your time
When getting your much-needed girl time in, do things that promote conversation and catching up! If you want to see the new chick flick, do dinner first so you have the time to talk. If there is a new club opening that you’re dying to go to together, stop by for an hour or so and then finish the night somewhere quieter so you all can actually hear each other to talk. With your man, take advantage of some sexy sleepover time. If you are out for dinner with your friends, but that is the only night he is free, suggest a late-night rendezvous at your place. That way, you get to say goodnight and good morning!

Mix and mingle
With any luck your friends will like your man and you can plan the occasional night where you all go out. If your friends are still warming up to him, don’t be all over him in front of them. Try to keep things as comfortable as possible, and give him time to be his own man. Let your guy and your friends form their own friendships that don’t revolve around you, and you are guaranteed to have more fun times all together!

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