The Best Aphrodisiacs

Looking for ways to spice up the bedroom? Why not start in the kitchen? Here are some sexy and savory aphrodisiacs to get your partner in the mood. Proceed with caution!
Honey Tea
Honey, which has boron, a chemical that helps normalize estrogen and testosterone in the body, is the perfect sweet treat for you and your sweetheart. The good thing about honey is that you can add it subtly to so many dishes. Add a tablespoon to your tea to sweeten it up and leave you and your loved one relaxed to the utmost.
Chili Pepper Stir-Fry
Chili peppers are a great aphrodisiac because they add a hot kick of flavour to your dish and are very easy to cook. These "love" peppers stimulate endorphins to help you feel great. The spicyness will heat you up not only in the kitchen, but in the bedroom as well. Why not amp up your stir-fry by chopping some chili peppers and adding them into the mix? Caliente!
Oysters, which contain zinc and iron, give you the energy boost you need to deliver in the bedroom. Oysters need no side dish, slurp them up on their own if you like! The famous lover and womanizer, Casanova, was known to consume oysters in great quantities. Seems like you have a lot of catching up to do.
Chocolate, because it has been known to increase dopamine in the brain, is the go-to aphrodisiac when it comes to sensuality and pleasure. Why not melt some chocolate and make a romantic fondue for two? You can dip strawberries, bananas (also an energy increasing food) or even pretzels in the fondue, or even drizzle the melted chocolate over them, letting the chocolate harden for an already prepared dessert.
If you're feeling extra adventurous (and frisky) why not give your lover a shot of snake's blood in an attempt to enhance sexual performance? According to medieval philosophy, eating foods and herbs that resemble the affected organ would treat or cure it. In the case of a man's penis, which is said to resemble a snake, snake's blood has been used to enhance sexual pleasure and stamina. So there's a tip for all you risk-takers out there, for the rest of us, let's just stick to what's in the kitchen.

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