Are You in Love?

Sometimes in the throes of a relationship it can be kind of tough to figure out whether those crazy ups and downs of emotions that you are experiencing are, in fact, love¦or just plain “I-want-to-rip-your-clothes-off” lust. So how is a girl supposed to figure out when she’s falling or when she’s just faltering? These five easy tips are a pretty good place to start.

1. You’re chemistry is off the chain
An hour in their company feels like minutes. You can talk for days and days and days — about anything and everything — and you never find a dull moment. Even in the quietest times, you still feel an unspoken connection to them. That is true chemisty. And that is that start of true love.

2. It’s not all about a pretty face
Sure your friends might not term him as being “classically handsome” but when that boy walks into a room you can bet that you won’t be able to take your eyes off him. To you, he is the most gorgeous man in the joint¦and not just because he looks great but because you know there is so much more behind his killer smile and his stellar baby blues.

3. It’s not just about sex
Yes we know, you two love a good romp in the sack every now and then (or every moment you possibly get) but it is also about what happens before, and after, those romps that means a lot to you as well. There is a lot to be said for pillow talk ladies, and when you two are as good at that as you are at, well, other things, you know you’ve created something that goes well beyond lust.

4. You spend time together. Lots of time.
You want him around. All the time. Plain and simple. When spending time with your girlfriends or staying late at work start to take a backseat to spending time with him, you can bet there is a good reason behind it. Building the bonds that will cement your future together is, without a doubt, a surefire sign you’re falling in love.

5. You can’t imagine your life without them
There is always that one moment, that startling feeling that pops up when you have a sudden thought about your life 1, 2, or 10 years down the road and you suddenly realize that you can’t picture your life, at any point, without that person in it. That, my friend, is a definite sign that you are in love.

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