7 Questions for The Bachelor Canada’s Tim Warmels

If you have been reading our weekly recaps of the hit reality series, you’ll know we are big fans of The Bachelor Canada. We recently had the opportunity to ask this season’s hunky bachelor, Tim Warmels, all of our burning questions about the show and, of course, the drama. Our first impression of Tim? Well, we were surprised when he showed up to the event held by Rimmel London (one of the show’s sponsors) in a baseball cap and jeans “ since we’re so used to seeing him in a suit with perfectly styled hair. But, in all honesty, we liked this paired down look.

Once we got over his super good looks, we started asking those tough questions. After 55 days of filming (12 to 16 hour days), and describing it as the most gruelling thing he has ever done, he doesn’t regret a moment of it and was happy to share his insights on the experience with us. Read on to find out what Tim told us!

1. How was your experience on The Bachelor?

I think a lot of people think being on The Bachelor is a lot of fun, and don’t get me wrong, I am very happy I did it, but it was definitely the most stressful two months of my life.

2. What type of eye makeup look do you like the best on a woman? Dark and smoky, vibrant, light and shimmery or natural.

When we did the Rimmel London photoshoot there was April Brockman’s look. She didn’t do anything like this for the rest of the show. But, when I saw her with that makeup I thought it was really attractive.

3. You kiss a lot of ladies on the show. Sometimes three in one sitting. Are you gargling mouthwash or popping a mint in between?

Scotch! It makes you do that (kissing) and it helps with all aspects of that situation.

4. Did you ever not want to be kissing someone, but you figured you should because she was making the move?

Absolutely! There were a lot of times where I might have woken up that day at 6am and was dead tired after filming the sunrise for 27 days straight, and now I have to go on this date with someone I am not sure there is a connection with. But, you have to give it your all and be there as much as you can for that person. Otherwise you are cheating yourself and that person who has given up a lot to be there.

5. It sounds intense. What was filming like?

The film crew you run around with is 50 people.  You can imagine how many salaries that is. So, to give you one day off is an enormous amount of money out the door. What you never fully understand is the emotionally draining part of it. There are certain times when you want to screw off but you have to choose to understand you will never have something like this happen in your life again.

6. Did you every wake up thinking about one woman and were disappointed to have to hang out with the other women?

You might have had an amazing date with somebody and are swooning over that, and then the next day you have to go and try to get somewhere else with someone else. Trying to compartmentalize that is really hard to do.

7. What is your ritual for watching the show?

I get it sent to me a couple days before it airs so I can watch it alone and cry over how embarrassed I am [laughs]. Sometimes I watch it with friends, with family or I don’t watch it at all. I have seen it and sometimes don’t want to see it again.

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