6 Steps for Anal Sex Success

It’s one of the most taboo sexual topics to talk about and yet, it seems like anal sex is rapidly becoming more popular and practiced amongst this sexually liberated generation.

So whether this is your first time ever or your first time making a real attempt at enjoying yourself, here are our top six tips for anal sex success…

Talk it out

If this your first attempt at anal, there will undoubtedly be a lot of questions. Take the time to bring it up with your man before the big event so that you can express any concerns and chat through other important things like safe words and respecting how far you’re willing to push yourself before you call it quits.

Lube, lube, and more lube

We’re not exaggerating here – lube will be your best friend during backdoor your escapades. Going at this dry will be one way to ensure that you never want to have anal sex ever again from now until eternity. Make sure you and your partner are both very well lubed up during the initial penetration and don’t be afraid to add a little more when need be.

Get finger-friendly

Trust us when we say that clitoral stimulation will be the key to successfully enjoying your first, second and twentieth rendezvous with anal sex. Whether it’s you or him or your artificial vibrating friend, make sure to get plenty of action down there before and during anal sex, it will literally change your entire experience.

Take your time

From start to finish the entire process of anal sex, in particular the first time, should be slow and steady. Make sure you and your partner are both relaxed and well prepared (aka the aforementioned safe words and lube) and ensure that he knows he needs to enter you on your terms. Have him inch himself inside and only get a little deeper once you’ve adjusted and let him know it’s okay to continue on.

Try different positions

Just like it is with regular sex, some positions will work better than others and some will be more enjoyable for each individual person. Make sure you and your partner test out different positions to decided which works best for the both of you and which most definitely do not.

Don’t be afraid to fail…and try again

Anal sex is tricky and, in reality, not for everyone.  There are very few people who will tell you that their first anal experience was a joyous and enlightening experience. Don’t get down or completely rejectful if your first experience is less than stellar, you’re not alone. This is definitely a circumstance when practice makes perfect and for some people it will take a fair amount of practice to perfect this one.

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