6 Qualities Men Look For in a Good Girlfriend

The traits we look for in an ideal partner are often the same as the ones we look for in a great friend, (with an added kick of charm and sex appeal, of course). Both parties have to put their best foot forward to have an awesome relationship. But you can bring your A game by making sure you pay attention to these qualities.

1. Dependability
Sometimes the same qualities that makes a great employee can make a great girlfriend. It might sound like the furthest thing from romantic, but showing up on time, telling your partner when you’ll be late, and being present are all really promising qualities in a prospective partner. Seeming flaky, erratic, or unpredictable doesn’t exactly scream great girlfriend material.

2. Independence
Being independent shows that you have your own life, interests, and ambitions. It takes security and confidence to be independent, which are both sexy traits. Pair that independence with due expressions of care and support, and you’ll be able to find a balance between being your own person and being part of an awesome relationship.

3. Caring
The sensitivity and tact you show toward his feelings speaks volumes about your character. That means being a good listener, knowing when to put your partner first, and limiting the sarcasm/criticism (at least until you have a good idea of each other’s senses of humour). 

4. Humility
If you can manage to laugh off making a fool of yourself, it shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously and have a good sense of humour. It takes a certain level of confidence and being comfortable with yourself to be able to do this. Being easy going and lighthearted are totally necessary for having fun “ and that’s what relationships are all about, right?

5. Take-no-crap attitude
When you stand your ground and defend yourself, chances are he’ll respect you for it. Having that respect for yourself shows you’re worthy of it, and he’ll notice. When you and your partner are both assertive and honest about what you want, it facilitates necessary communication and lessens the likelihood of game playing. 

6. Supportiveness
Being willing to listen, give constructive advice, and your honest, genuine opinion is what we expect in a friend and in a great partner. You have to know you’re on the same team no matter what “ relationships are all about trust. 


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