5 Types of Guys You Have to Date

You need to try on a few pairs of jeans until you find the right fit. The same sort of logic works for finding the "right man". What types of personality should you take for a test drive before you find what works for you? Aside from the stereotypical cliché©s – athlete, musician, bad-boy, what types of attributes should you look for so you know what you like…or what you don’t like?

1)      The ‘Iron Man’- this is the exciting adrenalin junkie. The one with the cut abs, the muscular back (hot) and the guy who doesn’t like to sit still. He’s all about staying active and pushing his limits. This guy can be super motivating and exciting to be around. You can be sure he’ll challenge you to try new things – snowboard, waterski, rock climb, surf. Love it? Or do you just like to relax on the beach?

2)      The ‘Nice Guy’- this is the guy who tries really hard at everything he does. He’s the charming ‘boy-next-door’. He might be a bit quiet and someone you might not have noticed immediately, but he’s reliable, stable and considerate. However, not all ‘nice guys’ are made equal. If his best characteristic is, “he’s sooo nice”, it’s probably time to move on. We need a good guy with some personality.

3)      The ‘Charmer’– he’s the guy that will get you front seat tickets to your favorite concert, bottle service at the club, and pick you up in a hot sports car. He’ll buy you beautiful gifts and shower you with attention to you but also loves being at the center of the party. If you like a little bit of drama and a passion, this could be the type of guy for you.

4)      The ‘Suit’- some might call him a workaholic, but he’s just hard working and ambitious. He dresses sharp and likes late-late night after work drinks. He works really hard but likes to party just as hard. If you like to be independent and are comfortable with an ambitious man who makes work his priority, he’s someone that is smart and determined. A confident man in a suit is sexy…

5)      The ‘Artist’- aka the actor, musician, artist, writer, waiter, bartender etc. He is relaxed, free-spirited, and possibly living-in a basement apartment with 3 roommates. This is the guy with ‘potential’, the optimist, the dreamer. He will inspire you to create and enjoy the beauty in everything. If you are happy to embrace the unknown he can be a great partner to explore with.



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