5 Signs He Wants to Marry You

The ladies from Sex and the City once compared a marriage-ready man to a taxi. Once his 'light' goes on, he is ready to make the commitment with that special someone in his life. Though, I'm not sure it's as simple as musical chairs, or in this case, taxi's, there are definite SIGNS that men show, when he wants to marry you.

1) He is ok with showing emotions around you

Emotional vulnerability is a clear sign that he is head over heels madly in love. Tears, fears, and all the ups and downs, prove that he is secure enough with your relationship to let his guard down. This includes displays of unflattering frustration, tears, sharing his worries and acts of sentimental nature.

2) Voluntarily takes you to family events

Inviting you to family holidays, weddings, and special events proves that he is ready for you to get close to his friends and family. And of course, voluntarily attending your family events is equally important. Sharing intimate moments with you and his inner circles is a clear sign that he is ready to bring you into his life for the long haul.

3) Talks about the future with you

Talking about living together, marriage, children, are a good indication that he is thinking about a future with you. If he uses the word “we are” often in conversation and talks about things he wants to do with you, next summer, next winter, next fall…next forever, it’s a solid foundation for a lifetime together.

4) He has lots of married friends

If your guy has a number of friends that are already married, it can also be a catalyst for him to take the next step. If he is happy to hang out with you and other married couples, this could be a giveaway that he is ready for marriage.

5) He asks you for advice

Marriage is about building a lifetime partnership. If your guy asks you for advice, confides in you about work or even in his everyday problems, it means he values your opinion and views you as a part of his ‘team’. It shows that he can trust you and respects you as an equal, lifetime partnership material.

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