5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from the Heart

Let’s face it-we all need our mothers, no matter what age we are. Our mothers have done everything for us-wiped our tears when we had heartache, gave us hugs when we needed affection, and gave us encouragement and advice when we felt a little lost. In short, our mothers have been our guides, from childhood to adulthood and even into old age, if we are lucky enough to still have them around. On Mother’s Day, we have the chance to offer a small token of our appreciation and to give back to our selfless and loving mamas.

Although it’s hard to give a gift to the person who has given you everything, here are some gift ideas that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your mom’s face:

1. Make your memories into a presentation

  A box of memories, a collage, a photo book, or all three of these things if you have time.  Collect any photos, ticket stubs or other types of significant memorabilia (and or little figurines or objects that have symbolic significance) and put them into the box or the collage or photo book or album. Decorate the front cover with photos of your mom or you and your mom, when you were a child.

2.  Spa Day
Get her a certificate for a massage, a mani-pedi and any other treatments that might tickle her fancy. This is her day, so she should feel as good as possible. What better way to reward her for all her incredible hard work than to treat her to a day at the spa?

3. Get her (or make) an at-home spa kit

 Creating some homemade scrubs and bath stuff will help keep you on a budget and also show mom that you put in a lot of effort to make her happy. To make her heart shaped soaps, check out this recipe and to make a homemade body scrub.

4.Give her a crafted journal

 Make her a personalized writing journal. Use photo corners to fix a special photo of your mom , or your mom and you on the front cover. For a special touch write short blurbs of quotes about mothers, and/or expressions she likes or perhaps short blurbs of memories you’ve had together on part of the page.

5. Plan a get a way just for her

 Where is somewhere she has always wanted to go to but never has the time? Book a hotel and have a fun overnight away with her somewhere nice. As we get older, we have less time to visit with our parents, so some nice quality time at a place that is fun and enjoyable for her would be a wonderful way for any mom to spend this May 12th. Bring magazines, movies, nail polish and other fun things for your “sleepover” party with mom.

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