5 Male Fetishes Way More Common Than You Think

When we think of men and fetishes we are often plagued with images of girl-on-girl action, watermelon-sized boobs and schoolgirl outfits, but the truth is that many of the fetishes men have are much less intimidating and much more common than one might think. Here are five that most men carry with them in some shape or form.


You’ll often hear this word and automatically think of a Peeping Toms but in reality, voyeurism is one of the most common fetishes for both men and women. Why? Because when it all comes down to it, voyeurism is simply getting turned on by watching someone else having a sexual encounter¦ so, porn.


That little less-than-gentle nip of your nipple or that light spank of your bottom can often illicit a small yelp from you but can increase how turned on he is (and you, if you’re into it) tenfold. Being into rough play doesn’t automatically mean a guy wants to drizzle hot wax all over your body or whip you with a riding crop. Not all fetishes require a Red Room, after all.


As we learned from voyeurism (and as we basically know from life in general), men are very visual creatures and one of the most commonly eroticized images in the world is the high heel. So next time you’re looking to get lucky with your man why not try your luck with your sexiest pair of stilettos?


It really is a little crazy that we have turned foot fetishes into one of these secretive, weird interests for people to have. Because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good foot rub? And if you’ve ever had a real great one you’ll know that feet are actually one of the most erogenous zones in the body”reflexology even claims that certain toes can illicit certain pleasure in the genital areas. Rethinking that weird comment now, aren’t you?


Again with the visual cues, right? But what is really important with this one is remembering that you don’t always have to be dressed up like a French Maid to truly turn your guy on. Chat with him about some of his favorite types of underwear (rumor has it that lace boy shorts are a fan favorite) and add a few pairs to your collection on those nights when you’re aiming for a no-fail on the get-laid scale.

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