4 Relationship Myths Busted

We all know about the so called ˜rules’ of dating. Everyone has their own theory on what works and what doesn’t. We spend endless hours on patios across the city with friends, analyzing and then analyzing some more what worked and what went wrong and how the rules need to be revised to take into account a fresh experience.

These rules, generally provide the framework on how we view our relationships. So, we’ve taken a closer look at some of the typical relationship ideas most of us share ¦

1. Your significant other is your everything
You are doing yourself a huge disservice (not to mention the other person) if this is your approach to your relationship, say experts. It’s too much pressure to expect another person to address all of your needs. Bottom-line, the person you’re with ideally should have the big-ticket items¦the things you value most and can’t compromise on. The rest? Look to family and friends to share in some of your interests instead.

2. A successful relationship depends on both of you seeing things the same way
A myth! That’s never going to happen 100 per cent of the time, even in the best of relationships. You are two entirely separate beings with entirely separate experiences that shape the way you view the world. The goal isn’t to find your clone, it’s to get really good at compromise.

3. It’s not a good relationship because it’s not Hollywood
Romance is important. Pivotal really. But we all define it differently. And it isn’t going to be what you see on the big screen. Music isn’t going to blare when you kiss and all issues wont be resolved at the end of 90 minutes. Be realistic and keep your expectations reasonable.

4. It’s the perfect relationship because we don’t fight
Everyone fights! Or at least everyone should. It’s a good idea to see how the other person deals with difficult issues and under stressful situations. It’s healthy and to be expected. Just make sure you both keep it clean and fight fair. No mud slinging or nasty insults. Get to the issue quickly and keep the conversation moving forward.

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