29 Things Mom Still Does That We Take for Granted

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My mom has supported me in so many different ways for all the 29 years of my life and, while I’m so grateful, it’s not easy to show it. Because where to start? She stopped literally EVERYTHING for me when I came into this life, and she worked her buns off to support me and care for me”she still works hard to care for me. I may not be able to ever accurately express my gratitude in full, but I can at least share 29 things I humbly appreciate her doing for me, most of which I should just do myself. So, THANKS MOM! 

1. She’s never judged me. Not now, not at any point in my past, ever. My lifestyle, apartments, clothes”nary an eyebrow raise. She lets me live, and has always made me feel like my choices and desires are okay.

2. She never asks me when I’m getting married or having kids because she knows it’s not a conversation I’m jumping out of my seat to have (surprise!!).

3. She listens patiently as I complain. Which still happens. I still complain, and she still listens with a tolerance that is truly inspirational. 

4. She still doesn’t lose her cool if I throw an adult tantrum in her presence. 

5. She still does my taxes. Honestly, okay, I should definitely just do that shit myself, but yeah, she does my taxes.

6. She still asks me what I want for dinner when I come home. I don’t want to live in a world where this is not a question people ask loved ones who live in other cities.  

7. She still does my hair for free even though I could pay her for it. (My mom comes with a built-in-hairstylist!) And I really can’t even begin to imagine the sum I technically owe her for her services. A blessing, pure and true. 

8. She still offers to help me move when I really need it. (Read: When I wait too long to book a moving service or enlist friends to help me. Which has happened. More than once.)

9. She still sends me motivational texts through the week, and she kills it with Bitmojis.

10. She still lets me drink her wine when I come home. And I make spritzers and it likely pains her to see me sully a glass of Kim Crawford with sprite, for shame. 

11. She still makes awesome Christmas stockings.

12. She still lets me raid the pantry and bake all the things when I come home.

13. She still gives truly helpful advice whenever I need it. She can stay objective when I need to rant about an issue, and she offers wisdom that helps me see my situation more clearly. 

14. She never creeps my Facebook in a way that freaks me out.

15. She still makes the best birthday cakes.

16. She still tells me I can do whatever I want in life.  

17. She still doesn’t hold any grudges, even if I turn into an immature jerk during stressful or emotional times. She never holds it against me.

18. She still makes me feel like she is always there for me no matter what, and there’s nothing we won’t be able to fix.

19. She still makes potato soup if my sister or I are sick. 

20. She always picks up the phone sounding happy to hear from me.

21. She still knows all the childhood things I love, that cheer me up. Alice in Wonderland for example can basically instantly enhance my mood no matter what.

22. She still offers to come to important things I have going on. She still knows the value of showing up for me.

23. She still reminds me that I’m a “tough soldier.” LOL, but so HELPFUL! Everyone needs to have someone who loves them remind them that they’re a tough soldier.

24. She still asks me for my friend’s mom’s numbers when I go places with them for prolonged periods of time.

25. She still doesn’t bristle at any of my tattoos.

26. She doesn’t still do this, but she probably would if I asked her to, so I need to mention how she sewed the most incredible Halloween costumes for me when I was a child. The most creative and well-done. Probably this is one of the reasons I still love dressing up for Halloween so much. 

27. She still indulges me when I rant about woo-woo things.

28. She still tells me to text her when I’m 10 minutes from home on the train so she can be on time to pick me up.

29. She still sets an amazing relationship example with my dad, and I appreciate it so much. They’re still in love, and straight up, the best parents I could have ever asked for.

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