10 Ways to Know You’re Ready to Move in Together

So you’ve been dating for a while, everything is great, the L word may have even slipped out, and now you’re considering the next big step: moving in together. Here are 10 ways to make sure your relationship is really move-in ready:

1. You’re getting serious
You and your guy have dropped the L bomb, are already practically living at each other’s places (and aren’t driving each other insane) and truly know”and appreciate”one another.

2. You’re team players
Sharing space deals with more than just splitting square footage; it also includes divvying up responsibilities, like doing the dishes, and paying the rent. Have long discussions and figure these things out before you even think about taking the plunge.

3. You’re ready to meet the real him
You’ve considered it, and you’re prepared to deal with the sloppy (and video-game binging) side he hasn’t let you see yet.

4. You’re ready to reveal the real you
You know, the you who does the laundry sans make-up, in worn-out sweatpants.

5. Your girlfriends approve
You may take the whole we love each other and don’t care what anyone else thinks stance on this one, but if anyone can see our situations clearer than we can, it’s our friends. Don’t base your decision entirely on what they think, but at least get their input.

6. You both fight fair
Living together means more time spent together, which can lead to more fights (like about his annoying habit of leaving the toilet seat up). Make sure your fighting style is more productive than nasty.

7. It’s for the right reasons
Sure, living together can free up some funds, but moving in just to save money is never a good idea. Make sure how you feel about each other, and how well you get along far outweighs any monetary gain.

8. You have a place in mind
Whether it’s yours, his, or a totally new place, talk about this (a lot) and make sure you both agree 100 percent. You don’t want to end up moving into his digs, just to find out the place is too small (believe us, you own more than you think), and you can’t really tolerate the longer commute to work after all.

9. You can compromise
You’re okay with his hideous, but much loved armchair, and he’s okay with your love for pink. Sure, you may have decorated your own place based on your personal aesthetic, but when you move in with someone, you have to make room for their tastes too”even if that does include gag-worthy furniture. Communicate and come to terms with where you’re both okay with bending a little to satisfy the other.

10. You’re besties
You’re comfortable together, confide in one another and support the other’s life goals. You really want to make sure that you’ll be sharing your space with someone who really cares about you, beyond romance and sex (not that those aren’t important) and who you can completely be yourself around. After all, once you’re moved in, there’s nowhere really to hide.

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