10 Things Women Don’t Get About Men

Most of us are all too aware of what men don’t get about women (going to the ladies’ room in pairs, our relationships with our hairdressers, all those shoes). But seldom do we hear about the things we don’t understand about men. So we got the guys to (finally) have their say”here are the top 10 things we don’t get about them:

1. There’s no such thing as bad sex. We females worry about how we look, how we sound, what he’s feeling and what we’re feeling. Men are only feeling one thing”and it’s all good, baby. So relax and enjoy.

2. It’s not a toy, it’s a hobby. This could be anything from a fishing boat to a fabulous, top-of-the-line sound system. It also includes all those tools in the garage, his baseball collection and anything else you might classify as a toy. So back off!

3. Star Wars is the greatest movie of all time. Okay, so your guy may not have even been alive when the original movie came out, but take his word for it”this is a fact. Just accept it. (There’s a reason why he’s still got a secret Princess Leia fantasy.)

4. It’s not a meal if it doesn’t have meat. Soup and salad does not a meal make. Neither does pasta dressed in olive oil with veggies. For most guys, it has to have some kind of meat to be a real meal.

5. Everything has the potential to be a competitive sport. This includes mowing the lawn, changing the oil and grocery shopping. Don’t fight it, just let it go. Even better, use it to your advantage (I heard Jim next door can mow the lawn in under 20 minutes. Think you can beat that?).

6. Men don’t understand our obsession with fat, so stop talking about it. Or at least to them. Men love us and love our bodies”so they don’t want to be asked to commiserate with you about how big your posterior looks in those jeans. Save it for your mom or girlfriends.

7. Life requires gadgets. You do need TiVo, a cell phone that will email you when someone leaves a message on your landline, and a sound system that will blow out your eardrums. What of it?

8. Men value intelligence. Don’t act stupid. Despite what we see on TV, most men want more than a bimbo (and the kind of man who wants a dumb woman is not worth your time). A real man wants a companion who can hold a conversation.

9. Men need cave time. They need to retreat to their lairs and be alone every now and then. So don’t take it personally or think that your man is mad, lonely or misunderstood. Whether it’s at the local sports bar, in the garage or in his den, leave him alone for a little while and he’ll come back happier.

10. Sometimes sex is just sex. We hate to break it to you, but sex doesn’t necessarily mean he loves, or even likes you. Not that it can’t”but don’t get your heart broken over this one.

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