10 Things That Will Turn Him On

Every guy is different, and therefore every guy has different things that turn him on to a woman. In new relationships, what turns your guy on is almost always a guessing game. Even when you have been together for a long time, there are still some surprises when it comes to what he wants. Cater to your man’s needs and listen to him when he is talking about what he likes about you. If you still need some inspiration on how to heat things up or get his attention, here are some things that are sure to please any man.

1) Be strong and confident
While a lot of guys like to take care of their women, it is also attractive to have a confident partner by their side. Take charge of some situations and show you are confident in yourself. By being comfortable in your own skin, you show your partner everything you have to offer.

2) Go without make-up
It is nice to get dolled up every once in a while, but guys secretly like it when women feel comfortable enough to go au natural when they are around. The vulnerability of going without any make up on allows your man to see the real you, without all the bells and whistles.

3) Wear his t-shirt, and nothing else
It will turn him on instantly to see your gorgeous gams while walking around in his oversized t-shirt. This will show the level of comfort you have in your relationship. It is also a quick way to start up some foreplay!

4) Play his favourite video game with him
Most guys like to have their time to zone out and play video games. If you are looking to spend some time with him, ask him to teach you how to play. He will feel important and will appreciate that you are trying to take an interest in the things he likes.

5) Wear his favourite scent
If he goes out of his way to say you spell nice, take note of the scent you are wearing. The next time you are alone together, or out on a date, wear that scent just for him.

6) Show him your naughty side, for his eyes only
 Step up your sexiness when you two are alone. Show him a wild side of you that only he gets to see.

7) Offer to pay
Even if your man is chivalrous and insists on paying, it never hurts to offer. Sometimes the pressure of paying rests solely on the guys’ shoulders, and he will appreciate the offer knowing you don’t take him for granted.

8) Creative kisses
The next time you are making out, sneak in a few gentle bites that will spice things up a bit. Even the best kissers can mix things up a bit. Your man will be inspired and turned on by your surprising new kisses.

9) Be ambitious
A relationship is always more balanced when you and your partner have your career to talk about. Talk to your man about your dream job and how you plan to get there. The conversation will show him that spark inside of you.

10) Accept his flaws
It is one thing to accept his flaws silently, but to let him know they are OK and you like him despite of them, will give him reassurance. The next time he says he doesn’t like something about himself, turn it into a positive and let him know he is great the way he is.

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