We Need to Talk About Chad… Again

Ugh. I literally can’t believe that we’re doing this again. (Actually, I totally can because I totally buy into this bullshit Bachelor drama so of course I’m talking about it again.) We need to discuss Chad. Or rather, we need to talk to Chad about his behaviour. At first it was funny, maybe even a bit charming. When we were first introduced to the Bachelorette contestant at the beginning of JoJo’s season we were all like “Yessssss we have our villain,” and now, a couple days after the season premiere of Bachelor in Paradise all I can say is, “Please, just stop. No one is laughing anymore.”

On Monday night during After the Final Rose, Chad stood up and made his poor case for being the next Bachelor. We all kinda laughed awkwardly and then turned back to JoJo. Then on Tuesday night during the season 3 premiere of Bachelor in Paradise, we watched the horrific Hurricane Chace go down, which ended with literally no one laughing. Chad said some terrible shit, Sarah (the angel of this entire franchise–Jesus, get this girl her own show) got rightfully pissed and finally called out the misogyny of the show and said in no uncertain terms that if Chad was going to stay, she didn’t want to be there.

Chad went off on Chris Harrison (which was admittedly pretty funny until it wasn’t) and then after the episode aired, he posted this video to Twitter to apologize and it seemed like everything might have been okay.

Well, it seems even after all that crap, we need to have a talk with Chad. Or at the very least cut him the fuck off. Yesterday and today showed a flurry of tweets from The Chad who was undoubtedly joking, but like wasn’t being funny. Unless being unstable is funny, then sure.  It started with this:

Then this:

Which escalated to this:

And then this:

And finally this:

Are you exhausted yet? Me too. He’s claimed on numerous occasions that he acts the way he does because he’s had a rough year with his mom passing and everything, but he’s also said that he’s the most real person out there. So real or not, let’s all agree that he’s not someone we want on the already-too-dramatic-to-deal franchise and definitely not someone we want to follow on social anymore, right? Cuz he’s rivalling a certain Republican candidate with his tweets rn.

So, guys, can we all agree that after we read this article, we’re going to ignore Chad so hopefully he stops making weird threats on Twitter and stops calling women bitches? Please? Cool.

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