9 Times Michelle Obama Has Made Us Love Her

Confession: I’ve watched the speech Michelle Obama gave at the Democratic National Convention four times and cried Every. Single. Time.

Each time I finished watching Michelle speak with unparalleled grace and eloquence I would forward the link onto my friends with an evangelical passion. Frankly, I sent so many texts that had the spam-like fervency of a 1-800 number asking you to watch this video and earn 480 dollars from your couch that I’m surprised iMessage hasn’t blocked me yet.  I just want to live my life knowing that the only people in my contact list are people who appreciate America’s first lady as much as I do.

So you know what, iMessage” Block me, I dare you. I have no regrets, and my love for Michelle Obama is the truest thing I have ever felt. She is wise. She is composed. She is funny. She eats Mexican food like a regular person. Hell, she is so lovable that even Donald Trump, the reigning stone-thrower of the United States of America, couldn’t knock her down after her DNC speech lest he risk looking like a troll. Sorry let me amend that”lest he risk looking like more of troll. SEE HOW THOSE STONES FEEL DONALD?

But I digress. Like every good evangelical I’m here to convert you. I’m here to take you on a spiritual journey. Let yourself be transformed as we reflect on all the times Michelle Obama has made us love her, given us hope, and filled us with pride. As it turns out, the actions of the resident FLOTUS might just be the best education bill ever presented by the Obama administration.

Oh, Michelle how do we love you? Let us count the ways…

1. That time she out-danced Jimmy Fallon in a hot pink Talbots cardigan.

2. And every other time she has charmed us on late night television.

3. When she got excited about opening a window.

4. Her program, Let Girls Learn, a government initiative aimed at helping adolescent girls around the world receive a quality education that empowers them to reach their full potential.

5. That time a child told her she looked too young to be 51 and Michelle gave her a microphone and asked her to repeat herself so everyone could hear.

6. When she became the first FLOTUS to have snapchat @MichelleObama, and the first mom to use a filter and not be uber confused about it.


7. Her program Let’s Move, that encourages American families to stay active, eat healthfully and aims to combat obesity rates. 

8. When she went on Carpool Karaoke and reminded us that even the First Lady suffers from crazy girlfriend syndrome.


9. Her speech at the DNC. Watch it. Love it. Join my cult.


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