Summer 2019: 5 New Books To Bring To The Beach

The season of lazy days spent under the sun is upon us. As you’re packing your bag in preparation for your next beachside sojourn, don’t forget to bring along a new book. In my full summer reading list, you’ll find thought-provoking tales of troubled families, revolution, and mysterious murders. But if you’re looking for something delightfully entertaining and blissfully indulgent to toss in your beach bag, you’ve come to the right place. So without further adieu, here is a quick rundown of five fun beach books to add to your reading list. 

Wedding Party
By Jasmine Guillory
What happens when two people who hate each other are both part of the same bridal party? For Maddie and Theo, whose mutual friend Alexa is getting married soon, it means they are spending a lot of time together in the lead-up to the big day. The book follows the two frenemies as insults escalate and tensions rise, and soon, (we all know where this is going), mutual-loathing turns into attraction.
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Red, White & Royal Blue
By Casey Mcquiston
In this book, the son of the American president and the English heir to the throne, the Prince of Wales, fall in love. This delightful rom-com charts the personal and political drama that this causes, and has been described as “absorbing,” “hilarious,” “tender,” and “sexy.”
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Drawing Home
By Jamie Brenner
Jamie Brenner, dubbed the “queen of the beach read,” has released an intriguing new novel set in idyllic Sag Harbor. It tells the story of the death of an art legend and the teenage girl who is surprisingly bequeathed his masterpiece in his will.
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Don’t You Forget About Me
By Mhairi McFarlane
After getting fired and discovering her boyfriend in bed with another woman, this novel’s heroine needs a fresh start. She gets a job at a local pub, and discovers that it’s run by her first love. The problem is: he doesn’t remember her. 
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Our Stop 
By Laura Jane Williams
This witty meet-cute story follows Nadia and Daniel, two people who cross paths each morning on the 7:30am train. One day, Nadia notices an ad in the daily paper addressed to “the cute girl with the coffee stains on her dress,” from “the guy who’s always standing near the doors,” asking if she’d like to go for a drink sometime. This comical novel promises effortless entertainment, escapism, and romance. 
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