STOP EVERYTHING! Beyonce is Having Twins

If you thought today was already going amazingly (mostly because you’re also excited that I’m closing on my new townhouse today), it’s about to get even better. Beyoncé© Knowles Carter is having twins. Yes, not only is she pregnant again, she is bringing two more baby Carters into the world and we can’

Queen Bey dropped the best pregnancy announcement ever on Instagram (like two minutes ago) that her and Jay are “blessed two times over” and if you’re having a hard time breathing, you’re not the only one.

So this means that now five-year-old Blue is going to be a big sister, though we don’t know exactly when. We’re guessing based on the timing of her post, she’s at least three months along, which means her and Jay ARE FINE in case anyone was questioning the solidity of that badass union.

So, all we get to do now is wait and speculate on baby names and follow her awesome maternity style and marvel that her already natural glow is even more glowy and remind ourselves that we are not worthy of this amazing family and all of the music and beauty that they bring into this world. Also, if Beyoncé© can carry twins, then I can surely get through the renovations that are awaiting me in my new space.

We wish the Carters nothing but love and happiness and hope our Queen’s pregnancy goes smoothly.

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