The Bachelorette, Season 11, Episode 2 Recap: And the New Bachelorette is…!

Well, for the first time in Bachelor history, they actually cut to the chase with the announcements and such. So guess what? The new Bachelorette is¦ drumroll please¦ #TEAMKAITLYN! Chris Harrison wasted no time telling Britt that, unfortunately, the guys voted for Kaitlyn to be the lady of the season. Britt made her way home in tears once again, not quite understanding what happened back at the house with all those guys (this is why this is a bad idea”way to crush a girl’s spirit with a popularity contest. Didn’t we finish with those in middle school?!)

Chris then went to tell Kaitlyn her good news and she was obviously excited, but, the good Canadian girl that she is, felt bad for being so happy when Britt was sent home. Then Chris dropped the bomb that Kaitlyn still has to do a rose ceremony with a yeah, that’s your job. (Oh, Chris.) She adorably called her mom and gushed about the dudes waiting for her (her response: Go meet my future son-in-law! Awwww) and then in Kaitlyn went to make her first official appearance as this season’s Bachelorette. While some guys were clearly elated, there for her and only her, there were others that were there for Britt¦ but the ball’s in her court, now. All the guys were fighting for some time, Joshua gifted her a welded rose, and then the first impression rose made its appearance.

Some of the guys who had come for Britt were definitely dealing with a dilemma¦ and Kaitlyn was too, wanting to know which guys were really there for her. Some were really honest and admitted they were maybe originally there for Britt, but are no less happy to get to know Kaitlyn (except maybe the healer who was unsure of what fountain he was going to go to now or something weird like that). The dentist had an obvious sweet tooth and went in for the first smooch of the season (The cupcake worked! THE CUPCAKE ALWAYS WORKS!!). Even though Chris made his impression known, it was Shawn B. that got the first impression rose and Kaitlyn’s heart”oh, and a kiss, obvs!

When the rose ceremony started, some of #TeamBritt were sweating, not wanting to head home yet (even though they didn’t want her to win¦ so¦). Those that were on #TeamKaitlyn to begin with were not happy that #TeamBritt guys were getting roses. When the rose ceremony was halfway through, Brady pulled Kaitlyn aside to be honest and tell her that he was sending himself home because his heart was with the woman who was sent home and was going to find Britt to see if they can find love. But, with 23 guys and 19 roses, some guys were sent packing were sent packing.

Coming up roses: Shawn B., Chris, Ben H., JJ, Joe, Kupah, Daniel, Ryan B., Joshua, Tony, Clint, Corey, Jonathan, Cory, Ben Z., Tanner, Ian, Justin, Jared

Kiss count: Chris, Shawn B. (Episode “ 2; Season “ 2)

Cry count: None yet, but it looks like there are going to be some boy tears this season!

Bachelors to watch: Shawn B. and Chris!

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