The Social Network Movie Trumps Facebook

So with the release of the official trailer for The Social Network (otherwise known as the movie about Facebook), a few things have come to mind “ most of which revolve around the question, why does this movie look so good?  Therefore, in the spirit of unbridled praise, here’s four reasons why we think The Social Network looks better than the real thing:

1. Suspense

The last time Facebook piqued this much interest was when we realized the privacy features had been changed and formerly private profiles were briefly creep-able.  However, the novelty’s now worn off, everyone’s clued in and we’re back to add as a friend all over again.

2. Justin Timberlake

The man is cool, and minus The Love Guru he makes relatively blah films seem much more interesting.  And since this film doesn’t seem blah whatsoever, he’s probably going to make it awesome.

3. Social Commentary

We’ve all bought into Facebook, but how many of us have stopped to think why it’s carried us away?  (Minus the fact we get to keep up-to-date on the lives of people we don’t necessarily like.)  Who’s willing to bet this movie will bring up a lot of important questions on the state of social media and the concept of big brother?

4. Babes

Justin Timberlake may have gotten a category of his own, but one look at the trailer for The Social Network and we’ll all agree on one thing: a cast of babes has truly been assembled.  Between Jessie Eisenberg, Rashida Jones and the guy who plays Mark Zuckerberg’s best friend, magic will undoubtedly ensue “ and frankly, movie stars trump mutual friends any day (sometimes).

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