Alexa Chung Talks About Being Labelled an “It Girl”

You guys remember the late 2000s, right? "It Girls" were taking the Internet by storm, and in the wake of it, many of us (hello!) tried to dress like them. (For some of us — hello, again — it did not work out.) However, despite her rise to fame via the It Girl title, Alexa Chung hated it.

"I got quite upset because I felt like it didn't represent what I was doing," Chung said to PEOPLE at the LA launch of her Alexa Chung for AG Clothing collection. "I was a TV host at the time and a journalist and I thought, 'That's ridiculous, that's for people who have really wealthy dads and don't do anything for a living.' But now I think the meaning of the term has been reevaluated. With Tumblr and Instagram stars it's applied to a larger variety of women who are doing quite interesting things and I figure, yeah, it's actually very flattering."

Valid. And also probably the reason she, with her endless fashion clout, was able to design a collection for AG Clothing to begin with. (Which, by the way, is available now, and online.) The collection consists of 20 pieces and prices range from $176.19 (for a boyfriend t-shirt — yikes) to $584.32 (for overalls). Chung went on to say that with this line created, she's still not particularly fashion-savvy.

"I love clothes, but I don't follow fashion as much as people think I do," she said. "I just like what I like, and it's very flattering that a small section of people think it's okay-ish."

So that's that. You want to be your own It Girl? Just wear what you like.

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