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There’s something very powerful about a girl who just bucks the trend and brings out her own personal signature time and time again. We’re thinking Jennifer Aniston with her perfect honey highlights, Gwen Stefani and her liberal use of red lipstick (even with the most casual clothes), Tina Fey and her sexy librarian specs, and of course, Anna Wintour’s ubiquitous bob (although we do wish she’d at least try out a fresh colour).

As much as we love following seasonal beauty trends, sticking with a look you love shows the world that you’ve got a strong personal sense of style. Wondering how to carve out your own little beauty niche? Give some of these ideas a try.


A signature scent is one of the easiest ways to make your mark. Try to find something that someone else in your immediate circle doesn’t already wear. But if you really love something, don’t let one person (like a friend of a friend of a distant relative) put you off “ if it’s a classic, like a Chanel scent, chances are that you won’t be the only one who likes it. If you’d rather get something unique, head to an online fragrance swapping site for hard-to-find samples, or try a fragrance boutique that lets you blend your own scent.


If you’ve been sporting the same so-so cut for years and you’re still not feeling it, do you really have anything to lose by going for the chop? Consider a bolder look like a short crop, edgy bob, or Joan Holloway-inspired shade of red. You’ll never blend in with the crowd again.  If you’re not a fan of risky cuts, you can always make a go-to style your thing instead “ some people just suit a perfectly pulled-back ponytail or messy chignon. If you plan on putting an updo on repeat, invest in cute hair accessories to help tailor the look to different occasions.


There’s a reason the power of lipstick got a ringing endorsement from none other than Ms. Holly Golightly “ nothing gets you looking so chic with so little effort. Once you’ve found that shade that works magic on you, look for a texture that will make it easy enough for everyday wear. Although matte lipsticks are great for knock-out evening looks, they can be too tricky to reapply on the go or without a mirror, so try looking for a slightly sheerer version of the colour you love.

Nail polish

If you feel like your makeup is a bit plain Jane, a pretty nail polish hue will bring an instant shot of colour to your look. What’s more, you’ll look done without actually having to do your nails every day. Think about the colours in your wardrobe to help you choose your signature shade (of course, if you wear a lot of black, then anything goes!). And as with all trademarks, an immaculately groomed approach will really drive the look home.

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