Nicole Richie: Entrepreneur of the Year

Remember the days when Nicole Richie was most famous for hanging out with Paris Hilton, making terrible wardrobe choices and partying harder than Hollywood’s D-List combined?  Nope, neither do I “ mostly because with a successful career in her midst, two beautiful children and a turnaround that Lindsay Lohan can only hope to achieve, Nicole Richie has left that old persona in the dust.  So much so that she was recently awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Glamour UK.

Boasting successful jewellery (House of Harlow 1960) and fashion (Winter Kate) lines, the loveable mother has taken her title as creative director seriously (please take note, aspiring celebrity designers), and has joined the ranks of Kylie Minogue, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham who’ve received the award in past years.

Frankly, Nicole’s success goes to teach two important lessons: 1) that it is possible for high-ranking celebrities to actually obtain fashion credibility and 2) that escaping sordid pasts is a goal that can be achieved.  (See, famous partyers?  See?)  The best part is, Nicole was famous once only for just that “ so imagine the possibilities for partying actresses who can be bankable actresses.

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