What to Wear to Work This Summer

Citibank employee, Debralee Lorenzana, recently made headlines because her fashion faux pas got her fired from her New York City office. Lorenzana’s male supervisors deemed that her work outfits, coupled with her curvaceous figure distracting. It’s probably not grounds for firing, but it does raise an interesting point, what does dressing appropriately for work look like these days?

With summertime upon us and a winter wardrobe of tights and chunky knits shoved to the backs of the closet, you may need a refresher on what works for the office and what doesn’t.

Office Fashion Do’s:

– Above all, you should take a cue from what other staffers wear. If the boss shows up in jeans and t-shirt everyday, he is setting the tone for what is acceptable. Alternatively, if he wears a 3-piece suit everyday, chances are, he expects you to be put together in that same way.

– Try a high-waisted pencil skirt at around knee-length. When combined with a wide belt, a summery button-down blouse, and a pair of pumps, you’ll look striking and classic.

– If your workplace blasts the A/C, keep a black blazer or a cashmere wrap at work to throw on for those freezing moments. 

– Workwear for women definitely does not have to be bland or dated, especially when options for layering are readily available. Incorporate floral prints with a sheath dress, or combine a ruffled top in this season’s aqua and lilac shades with a cardigan and a pencil skirt.

– Remember to keep your accessories elegant with a single statement piece (as opposed to silver hoop earrings, an oversized ring, and an armful of gold bracelets at once). Jewelry for work should enhance your ensemble, rather than drawing attention away from it.

Office Fashion Don’ts: 
– Flip-flops and towering heels that you can’t manage to walk in are best left at home from Monday to Friday. However, platform or gladiator heels and wedges all add a wonderful touch great for showing off a pedicure.

– Nothing screams unprofessional more than distressed skintight denim, yoga pants, t-shirts, or neon leggings in a conservative office environment. It definitely is a smart idea to save uber-trendy items and athletic apparel for the weekend.

– Although cleavage, shorter hemlines, and bra straps in full view tend to be hidden during most of the year, make sure you take extra care to give yourself a streamlined outline for the warmer months. Have clothing tailored if necessary and be sure to invest in properly fitting undergarments.


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