Gap Urges Women to Be Themselves

This fall, Gap wants you to . . . Dress Normal.

No, but like, really. Their whole campaign? To be yourself. To dress in a way that makes you comfortable. To stop conforming to trends or expectations that aren't necessarily yours.

Launching on September 2, the campaign is reportedly rooted in the same values usually aligned with the brand: "individualism and the liberation that comes from confidently being your most authentic self."

"Finding your own version of 'Dress Normal' is an art — my normal is different from your normal, and that's the essence of the campaign," said Seth Farbman, Gap Global Chief Marketing Officer. "This fall, Gap celebrates dressing for yourself and finding those perfect items — a pair of jeans, a t-shirt — that make you feel confident to be your most authentic self."

And SPEAKING of authentic selves *flips hair casually," Gap has enlisted some A-lister to uphold the company's mantra: Anjelica Huston, Elisabeth Moss, Michael K. Williams, Jena Malone, and Zosia Mamet are fronting the campaign this season, making this the coolest round-up of any brand, ever, by far. (Like, according to me. Don't fight me on this.) The best part? Gap commercials are coming back, too. And yes, I will personally freak out if they re-enact "Mellow Yellow" which I know they won't, but shh.

"We were inspired by the bold and honest spirit of the millenial generation; their authenticity is what makes them stand apart in today's complex world," said Gap Global President Stephen Sunnucks. "Gap has always stood for individuality and being your most authentic self. By challenging the idea of what it means to dress normal, we hope to inspire confidence in everyone's personal style."

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