CoverGirl’s “Hunger Games” Makeup Line

Catching Fire is coming this fall, and it wouldn't truly be a blockbuster without a makeup/fashion connection. That's why CoverGirl will be releasing a Hunger Games cosmetic line called the "Capitol Collection."

While product details have yet to be revealed, this is a huge step for CoverGirl who have never aligned themselves with a movie before. A press release promises "a first-of-its-kind creative advertising campaign inspired by the film," and CoverGirl has also been supplying products on the Catching Fire set. (So in terms of makeup, stars can literally be just like us.)

And sure, there's still six months to go before the release of the movie, but if CoverGirl is already making this announcement, that's got to mean we can look forward to something pretty great when the Capitol Collection hits shelves …right?

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